Glass Hardware

Automatic Doors

Product Features

  • Slim Line Modern design
  • Energy Efficient
  • Designed for new standards
  • Quiet Operation
  • Compact modular motor design
  • No exposed wiring
  • Autralian Made

Technical Specification

Opening with maximum 400mm Keypad control Optional
Operator length up to 8000mm Safty stop Yes
Total door weight 250kg Safty return Yes
Door weight per leaf 125kg Safty bean shut -off when closed Optional
Opening speed per souble leaf variable 25-1300mm/sec Fire alarm activation Yes
Closing speed per double leaf variable 25-1300 mm/sec Chime outlet Yes
Door open dwell time, variable 0-60sec Exit only funcion Yes
Manual opening / closing force <30N Power failure back up, cycle available Optional
Operator size height / depth 132mm / 155mm High security locking Optional
Fail safe / fail secure Yes/Yes Locked / unlocked signal Yes
Airlock function Yes Open closed positional signal Yes
Press-closed function Yes Memory setting retained without power Yes
Climate control(reduced opening)function Yes Power supply 240V / 10Amp
Noise attenuation 32bp Solar power operation Optional
Blue tooth operation Optional
GSM control Optional


  • Slim-line moderm design only 132 mm in overall track height. Compact modular design of motor drive system.
  • Latest digital microprocessor controller to gain more exact control of the door operator. Provision to interface within building security systems.
  • Over engineered to take door weight of 250kg(average door weights are 120 kg total).
  • The main transom housing is hard coated anodized to give smooth operation of the exclusive dual track system.
  • No exposed wiring dua to concealed wiring system.
  • Build-in UPS(Uninterrupted Power Supply) can allow doors to continue to operate under power failure.
  • Improve safty feature to ensure mazimum user safty. High security electric locking option available.
  • Zone activation sensor that uses latest presence detaction technology to improve overall safety.
  • Unique interlocking cover pelmet which prevents any chances of pelmet cover dislodging from the main track system. An added safety feature.