Wall Sidings

Application Procedures

  • Wall surface preparation - Surface should be level to plumb and free from undulation. All loose debris etc which may hinder application should be removed
  • Application of aluminum battens - Aluminum channels (1'x1" for walls and 3"x1" for corners) have to be fixed vertically spaced at 16" center to center.
  • Application of Corner posts - outside and inside corner posts to be fixed at all corner junctions. Please note anticorrosive fasteners recommended by manufacturer to be used.
  • Application of starter course - Starter course to be fixed at the bottom of the wall (Leaving a min gap of 1/4" from the ground) horizontally.
  • Application of Siding - Vinyl sidings of selected design, type and colour shall be fixed on to the channels. The application starts at the base of the wall at the starter level and goes on to the soffit of the roof. The nails have to be driven at the center of the nailing slots to accommodate temperature movements.
  • Application of Accessories at junctions and openings - J channels and other finishing accessories shall be applied to properly terminate sidings at all junctions and openings to receive the sidings.

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Basic Tools Required

Snap Lock Punch: A snap lock punch is used to punch lugs in the cut edges of siding to be used for the top or finishing course at the top of the wall, or underneath a window.

Nail Hole Slot Punch: Occasionally, it may be necessary to elongate a nail hem slot. The hole is elongated for expansion and contraction.

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